She's Just About To Give Up...

I see it in your eyes, your voice, your body language. You have worked so hard for nine months and then labor and now this. You have done more than I could ever imagine and held it together through all of this. You have done all of this and put your body and your individuality aside, all for us and all for her.
I wish I could truly be there for you. Yes, I can comfort you as much as possible, rub your feet or tell you that you don’t look fat, but to truly comfort someone when I have no way to comprehend the physical and emotional changes you have gone through, are going through and will go through is an impossible request. But yet, you fight on.

I say that you are just about to give up, but I know that is not true. You are stronger and more clear-eyed than you ever have been. There is no quit in you. Whether it is waking up every half hour to nurse, operating seemingly a million businesses on no sleep, putting up with my complaints - which pale in comparison to the complaints you rightful could make, but most time just keep to your self - or holding us all together through sheer willpower and determination. I have never been so humbled as I have been while taking this journey and watching you do what you were seemingly born to do. 

You have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much and I hope that I am able to lighten your load when and where I can. In the end, you have given me gifts for which I can never repay. Stay strong, Mama. Daddy and his daughters need you.

Father of two, 40

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