The Beginning

Letters to you, is something incredibly close to my heart.
My experience as a mother first started in the heart of the Covid shut down. I was isolated. I was scared. I was in love. I was overwhelmed and at that time the only way I was able to connect with other Mamas was virtually. I needed to see what they were experiencing. Was I doing things right, was I doing things differently? It was a way to connect with women for myself to know that I wasn’t going through things alone.

I welcomed my second child during Covid as well and at the height of the Delta variant. I turned to technology again, but this time it was different. It was stronger. It became an obsession, a rabbit hole at times.  I needed to find experiences of other women that I could connect to.  You know those social media posts with an image that catches your attention, that you become curious or intrigued about. You connect to it so you read the caption and you realize the caption was written for you - that everything that it said feels like it’s coming from your mouth to the screen. 

I soon realized when I was alone in the car, I began talking out loud. Talking to myself as if I were talking to other women about what I was experiencing. This was a way to handle my postpartum depression. I enjoy talking about it because it was the truth, but talking aloud to myself was something that I could hide behind.  
I realize that there’s common ground for most women and postpartum, but there also needs to be a space for siblings, children, grandparents, significant others and partners; because when a baby is welcomed into this world it affects all parties. Letters to you is a platform, a safe space, that welcomes all letters written by you or anonymously. Release your emotions and write. We’re here to listen.
Tatum Melton
Mother of 2

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